Women’s Sexual Abuse Recovery Group: Redefining Intimacy

Intimacy shouldn't feel connected to shame, but if your sexuality is clouded by an abusive past, touch can deeply trigger feelings of guilt, disgust, and fear. You are not alone and what you're experiencing is possible for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse.

The goal of this group is to help you overcome that shame and to erase the connection between physical relationships and the fear or distress of the trauma you’ve experienced. Through this group you will learn how to redefine intimacy, develop healthy body boundaries and communication, develop intimacy of the body and mind, and how to identify sensuality apart from sexuality.


A painful past does not need to dictate the future of your most intimate moments.


Where:   Office of Lara Mekhitarian, LMFT

320 Arden Avenue, Suite #240

Glendale, CA 91203

When:    Bi-weekly; time to be determined

Fee:   $50 per 75 minute session


Please call Lara at 818.570.0721 to join the group and for any additional information.